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Dear Mr. Dalal,
Your books have given me a fresh insight into the various beautiful places of India which are still left undiscovered by me. I travel these places in my dreams as I read your books, as the details are so graphic. I trek with Vikram and Aditya, I run from villains when they do, I share their thoughts...it's all incredibly lifelike.

Anirudh's Dream and Koleshwar's Secret not only allowed me to delve into deeper aspects of Old Bombay and the Sahayadris...but they also fascinated me by the twist and turns in the book, and your in-depth studies of re-incarnation...if I am allowed to call it that. Irfan and Anirudh, fascinated me, and though they belong to different worlds, I'm sure that they are one entity.

Hats off to you, O Creator of the Indian Hardy Boys!!!!
- Diya Majumdar (DAV School, Pune)

Dear Sir, this is to write to you that we love reading your adventure books! They are very fast paced, gripping and informative. We feel like visiting all your adventure spots – Ladakh, Leh, Lakshadweep, etc. We have read all the titles and all are excellent! But we have found Andaman Adventure Vol I and II to be the best.

The most important thing about your books is that unlike books by Enid Blyton or other foreign authors, they are written with the backdrop of all India-Indian Characters (Names), Indian Villages and Indian places of adventure. We both wish and pray thay you will continue writing like this. We cannot wait for the new title to come.
- Ruchira and Anurag Mashruwala (Mumbai)

Our school gave us a project as our Summer Holiday Homework. We were to write review and report on a book: "Ranthambore Adventure". On buying, I thought that this is definitely a boring book. But you know what they say - Don't judge anything by looks. On reading, I found the book so interesting that I finished it in a day! And this impression made me buy your all books! They are equally awesome! On 16th of November 2011, you came to our school in Guwahati and you made a speech in a classroom with the first batch...I was present there. That speech encouraged me and now I'm working on a project to save Tiger, rather awareness. Thanks for your inspiring speech and may you write more books!
- Chinmoy Dutta (Maria's Public School, Guwahati)

Dear sir, I have loved all of your books, But the best one was Sahayadri, Partly because i have been there, but the book was great.
I was stuck to the book, absorbed in the chapters like 'Mario and Ajit', 'Forjett's story', etc, etc.
All I want to say sir, Is that you are A great writer.
Also, sir, I think you should also Extend their Adventures to other countries.
- Varun Pendse (Gopal Sharma School. Mumbai)

Since I saw your presentation at the 10th National Peas Conference in Gundecha at Mumbai, I have become your fan.
After I read your books, I have realised the beauty of Indian biodiversity and the spirit of adventure.
- Akhil Sardesai (Marble Arch School, Mumbai)

Sir, the book Ranthambore Adventures is totally amazing. It was a pleasure reading it as I am in the Kids For Tigers team.
The language was brilliant. I love your book.
- Nadini Jha (Shri Ram School, Aravalli, Gurgaon)

Sir, very nice books. The snow Leopard adventure book is brilliant and my favourite.
- Tanay Chothani (Vibgyor High School, Mumbai)

Recently, as a part of our summer reading project from school I read your book "Ranthambore Adventure".
It was an eye opener for me and a breathtaking journey through Ranthambore.
I will soon catch up with your other books as well.
- Snighda Bhaswati (Maria Public School – Guwhati)