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A list of websites that deal with wildlife and conservation in India

Kids for Tigers
A great website to know more about tigers and how you can help in the effort to save India’s wildlife.  Also, great for homework and projects on tigers. Full of amazing information and facts and figures for improving your projects.
Website: www.kidsfortigers.org
Sanctuary Magazine
India’s one and only true wildlife magazine. A magazine that cares for India’s wildlife and wilderness areas. All nature lovers must subscribe.
Website: www.sanctuaryasia.com
WPSI: Wildlife Protection Society of India
An organisation at the forefront for fighting poachers and saving Indian wildlife.
Website: www.wpsi-india.org
WTI: Wildlife Trust of India
Another top-notch organisation that cares for India’s wildlife and wild spaces.
Website: www.wti.org.in
Conservation India
One of India’s best conservation websites
Website: www.conservationindia.org
BNHS:Bombay Natural History Society
Bombay Natural History Society is one of the oldest wildlife and ecological societies of India. I took membership here when I was a teenager. I owe a lot of my wildlife knowledge to this institution and also to the researchers and staff of the BNHS - several who are my good friends now. BNHS is the institution you must join. They organise wildlife expeditions and regularly screen informative slideshows by wildlife field researchers.
The library is great too and so are the people.
Website: www.bnhs.org